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Rolie Bags


Welded seams and roll-top closures not only keep out water, but dust and sand, too.


Built from the same tough, reinforced vinyl that we use in our Expedition Series.


Rolie Bags can be mounted like tank bags, as tank panniers, or as rack bags, saddle bags, or seat bags.


Mix and match Rolie Bags to suit your needs. Three sizes of bags and a multitude of mounting options allow you to customize the best blend between your bike, the gear you need, and the way you like to carry it.


Build your own system -- see the video introduction to Rolie Bags

The Rolie Bags:
The Mounting Systems:

Made in the USA

Use this Rolie Guide below to help design the kit that matches your needs

Important points:
  • The Rolie Bag you use as a rack bag today will mount on your tank tomorrow. Or become one of two saddle bags. Same bag. Multi-function.
  • Each Rolie Bag comes with basic straps that will allow mounting to a rack or seat or to stack bags. You will need an additional mounting kit to mount to your tank, to most fenders, to Wolf Side Racks, or to use as saddle bags.
  • Use same size bags for saddle bags and tank panniers to keep your bike balanced and to prevent loss of control. (Colors can be mixed.)
  • Use a bag size and mounting system that is appropriate for your bike.