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ARB Awnings

ARB Awnings

After 12 months of prototyping and testing, a range of accessories for the ARB Touring awnings has been developed to further enhance their functionality.

Manufactured from the same quality materials as the ARB Roof Top Tents and Touring Awnings, each accessory has been developed with durability and ease of use in mind.

Designed to suit 2500 and 2000 model awnings, a fully enclosed room with a solid flloor and a three wall set can be used to turn an awning into a fully or partially enclosed area to provide additional weather protection or privacy. Manufactured from lightweight PU coated 300D oxford polyester as used on the ARB roof top tent fly, the room and three wall set hang below the awning without adding excessive weight that could damage the awning structure.

For 2500, 2000 & 1250 model awnings, front and side windbreak panels made of the same durable 300 gsm PU coated poly cotton canvas as the awning provide protection from wind, sun and rain. Side wind breaks suit all model awnings whilst specific front windbreaks are available for the three different width awnings.

Each accessory has been designed for use on vehicles where awnings are mounted between 75 & 83 inches from the ground.

Designed to function as a fully enclosed room, the awning room includes a durable floor, two large mesh windows with roll up blinds and a zippered door with solid and mesh panels. The awning room is fully enclosed as it has an integrated roof that hangs just below the main awning canvas.

The rear wall features a central door that can be used to access the vehicle rear door or canopy (depending on awning mounting position) along with additional ventilation panels and access points for 12v/120v power leads.

The room attaches to the underside of the awning in the same method as the mosquito net room, being clipped to the awning arms and legs and attached to the awning front and rear beam by rope/sail tracks. The side walls of the room have a slight taper towards the outer awning beam to help encourage water run off however in heavy rain, the roof angle should be increased to ensure no water pooling occurs on the awning roof, otherwise damage to the awning can occur.

Hardened steel pegs are supplied to firmly anchor the room to the ground via adjustable tension straps.

The three wall set is comprised of three individual walls that wrap around the outside of the awning legs. Joined together by a zip, each wall can be used individually, as a pair or set.

The end and L/H side wall each feature a window comprised of half mesh and half clear pvc. The window blind can be rolled up halfway to expose the clear pvc for use in inclement weather, or fully to expose the mesh for additional ventilation. The window blind also incorporates eyelets so that it can be pegged out at an angle for shade or rain protection. The R/H wall features a zippered door section that can be rolled up for easy access.

At the bottom of each wall is a mud/storm flap with adjustable tension straps and eyelets to secure the walls to the ground. The three wall set is supplied with hardened steel pegs.


Awnings are great for providing protection from the sun and rain, however not from wind. But the addition of front and side windbreaks not only provides wind protection but helps secure the awning with an additional 4 tie down points per windbreak.

Designed to angle out from the awning, windbreaks also offer additional protection from the rain and with a UVP50+ rating, give extra shade and sun protection. They are also great for creating extra space for items like swags beneath the awning.

Mosquito net rooms have been available for touring awnings for many years however the current model has seen many upgrades including the addition of the mud/storm flap to reduce grass seeds etc from collecting in the lower sections of the mesh. The overall size has been increased slightly to allow easier fitment and all seams have been double stitched to provide additional strength.

Manufactured from 48 gsm ‘no see um’ midge proof mesh, the net room is available for 2500 and 2000 model awnings.

With a unique head design, the ARB Supergrip Sand Peg offers more grip in surfaces such as sand, soft soils and snow than traditional tent pegs.

Bright orange color reduces tripping hazard and makes pegs easy to find. Packed as a set of four.

Suitable for use with ARB Touring Awnings, ARB Track Shelters, Skydome Swags, ARB Guy Ropes, Tarpaulins, Tents & Canopies.

The perfect companion for ARB Awnings, Track Shelters and Skydome swags & Super Grip Sand Pegs, ARB Guy Ropes incorporate a spring loaded tensioning system that absorbs shock to the peg in windy conditions, helping to keep the guy rope taut and the peg firmly planted in the ground.

Bright orange anodized aluminium runner. 6mm x 3m reflective rope reduces tripping hazard and helps make ropes visible at night. Packed as a set of two.

Part No Product Description
ARB4401A Awning 2500 x 2500
ARB4402A Awning 2000 x 2500
ARB3110A Awning 1250 x 2100
ARB4403A 2500 Wind Break - Front
ARB4404A Wind Break - Side 2100
ARB4405A 1250 Wind Break - Front
ARB4406A 2500 x 2500 Awning Room with Floor
ARB4407A 2500 x 2100 Awning Room with Floor
ARB4408A 2500 x 2500 3 Wall Set (no floor)
ARB4409A 2500 x 2100 3 Wall Set (no floor)
ARB4410A 2000 Wind Break - Front
ARB4411A 2000 x 2100 Awning Room with Floor
ARB4412A 2000 x 2500 Awning Room with Floor
ARB4413A 2000 x 2100 3 Wall Set (no Floor)
ARB4414A 2000 x 2500 3 Wall Set (no Floor)
ARB3109A Mosquito Net Awning 2500 x 2100
ARB3112A Mosquito Net Awning 2000 x 2100
ARB4415A Mosquito Net Awning 2500 x 2500
ARB4416A Mosquito Net Awning 2000 x 2500
ARB4158 Super Grip Sand Pegs
ARB4159 Guy Rope Set

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