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ARB Air Systems

ARB Air Systems
The 4x4 world has spoken and ARB compressors continue to be the gold standard for on-board air needs. Whether that is airing up tires, operating pneumatic tools or simply providing air to an Air Locker, the complete line of ARB compressors has a model to fit every need.

ARB Air Systems will supplement the line of air compressors by introducing complete vehicle-specific solutions for enthusiasts looking to equip their vehicles with compressors and accessories. The product range includes items such as air fittings, various lengths of stainless braided PTFE hose, and air chuck mounting solutions. Together, these will provide all the necessary components to fit a complete air compressor system to a 4wd, allowing a vehicle to be outfitted front to back with on-demand air.

Embodying a refreshing, clean and modern look for ARB compressors and air accessories, the sleek Air Systems logo and packaging design utilities negative space and creative simplicity to properly reflect the concept of "air" and "flow". Keeping with modern trends, the logo is a crisp white, while incorporating sharp and crisp edges.

The curved black and blue waves that flow across the packaging symbolize air, wind, and the idea of movement and continuity. This branding will encapsulate the complete line of compressors, accessories and other yet-to-be released air-related products.
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