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LightForce Lights

LightForce has been recognized as the pioneer and innovator in designing and manufacturing lightweight, performance lighting systems since the 1980's. LightForce prides itself in providing world class products for professional and consumer markets alike. LightForce product design and innovation is based on understanding the market and customer needs and producing benchmark professional standard products.

Superior light output is achieved by combining mirror like parabolic reflectors and advanced bulb design. The reflector is made of vacuum-formed Mylar that is so highly tuned that lesser lights need fluted or frosted lenses to direct the light beam. LightForce lights use the reflector to direct the light, and the lenses act only as a protective barrier to protect the bulb and reflector.

Similar to a Mag-Light, the light is able to vary the focal point of the bulb relative to the reflector changing the spread of the circular beam. The parabolic reflector allows changes to light from a pencil beam to a flood pattern or anywhere in between. The reflector threads on the bulb assembly so rotating the housing changes the zoom and focus. The bulb can be changed with out tools by twisting the housing all the way out.

LightForce Products are designed ultra tough utilizing hi-tech composite materials resulting in strong, lightweight and durable products. Right out the box the light weight is noticeable. Long term durability and performance testing proves the value and reliability of LightForce Products, what other light can take a 22 caliber bullet at short range and have it only leave a dimple?

LightForce driving lights are designed to enable the driver to customize the ever changing driving conditions in seconds using unique modular accessory system. With out tools the driver can interchange the clip on filters and change the beam pattern, color, or spread of the light to suit the environmental surrounding.

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