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Road Armor

Road Armor

Road Armor is the world's leading bumper manufacturer dedicated to manufacturing performance products that lead the industry in form, fit, and finish. If some of Road Armor's designs look familiar to other knockoff competitors products; they should. Road Armor was the first to use a high-angle faceting approach to design our products, and with the release of their Stealth line of bumpers Road Armor has lead the industry since 2002. Having produced over 10,000 winch bumpers and is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Using the latest in parametric 3D CAD software and state-of-the-art equipment Road Armor offers products that are unrivaled in design as well as fit and finish, and at the most competitive prices.

Road Armor takes great pride in their ability to meet the needs of the most demanding truck/SUV owners. With over twenty five years experience in engineering and manufacturing complex products, Road Armor will exceed your expectations in every way. Road Armor is a SEMA member you can trust that you are dealing with a company that is committed to customer satisfaction in every way, if something is not right we will do everything in our power to make it right - every time.

Road Armor provides you the highest quality, strongest, best looking, best performing front and rear winch mount bumpers for your truck, jeep, or SUV.

ROAD ARMOR  - The Power to Perform!

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