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TJM Xray Vision Lights

TJM Xray Vision Lights

Built tough to suit Australian conditions, Xray Vision lights are formed from die-cast alloy and stainless steel for maximum strength and durability. Xray Vision lights also utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to produce die-cast alloy free-form reflectors that are then vacuum aluminized to give a flawless mirror finish. The free-form reflectors in true spread and pencil beam patterns combine with optics-free hardened quartz glass lenses and a calibrated focal point to produce driving lights without compromise.

Xray Vision lights are available in both 50W Xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) and high output 100W quartz halogen (QH) globes. HID systems are 12 and 24 Volt compatible and feature an internal ballast and a 50W Xenon HID globe. Xray Vision driving lights come standard with a clear hardened polycarbonate 360 degree clip-on cover—giving you seriously tough light protection.

Xray Vision driving light range features:

  • Die-cast alloy body (160 & 220 series)
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Die-cast alloy vacuum aluminized free-form reflector
  • Free-form driving (spread) or spot (pencil) beam options available
  • Optics-free hardened quartz glass lens
  • Pivoting ball joint mounting
  • HID: 50W Xenon globe with internal 12/24 Volt ballast
  • QH: European quartz halogen H1 100W 12 Volt globe
  • Clear polycarbonate protective cover included

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