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National Luna LED

LED lighting is quickly making it's way into our daily lives, replacing older technologies and offering improved energy efficiency, higher durability, increased life, lower maintenance and improved brightness. The low-power nature of LED lighting makes them ideal choice for automotive, camping, trailers, boating, solar or any battery-powered application where energy saving essential.

National Luna has brought high-performance LED technology to market with the introduction of a new range of low-voltage, compact, energy-saving light fixtures. The highest quality LED components are combined with high-performance regulator circuits and strong material to provide a durable and effective product.

National Luna LED features:

  • Dual-Power 2-in-1 function - One of the most useful features of these LED lights is the option to select between a low and high power mode. The "Dim" mode is perfect for ambient lighting and is the ultimate energy saver. The impressive "Bright" mode provides full light output, useful for wide-area lighting.
  • Ultimate Energy Saving - The combination of high-quality LEDs and high efficiency regulator circuit provides the best light output at the lowest power consumption. When other lights start to fade, these lights keep going strong.
  • Wide Operating Voltage - Built-in regulator circuits ensure constant power and brightness under a wide operation voltage covering 12V and 24V applications.
  • Anti Glare - A specially designed anti-glare texture combined with high-clarity polycarbonate reduces glare, eliminates UV emission and improves light distribution.
  • Quality Construction - All models use high-quality LEDs and electronic components as well as metal circuit boards for durable, trouble-free operation for years. Ultra-Power models are assembled with an aluminum base for low temperature, long-term operation.
  • Safe, natural light - These lights provide a natural white light similar to daylight without any ultra-violet or infra-red emission, making them safe and pleasant to use.
  • Mounting Options - Hard Mount (standard) models can be attached to flat surfaces quickly and easily. No additional brackets or adhesives necessary. Clip-on versions are available for quickly attaching to poles for a non-permanent setup. 27' cables supplied standard with all clip-on models.

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