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RDS-Series Light Bars

RDS-Series Light Bars

Rigid Industries® RDS-Series is another first for the lighting industry. The RDS-Series starts with an E-Series™ light bar treated to a gentle arc, creating a linear LED light with a curve in a 20”-54” extruded aluminum housing and packed full of Rigid’s latest advancement in LED technology. RDS-Series brings a new sleekness to the roof or bumper of a vehicle while providing a wider spread of light.

RDS Output Technology™ requires a new way to measure projected light.

Continuous Arc Intensity™ (CAI) is the new way to measure intensity. Since the array of LEDs are not pointing in the same direction the SAE methodology to measure intensity does not apply. We still measure intensity, but it is spread over an arc at a constant intensity.

Continuous Arc Width™ (CAW) is the width of continuous intensity as shown in the CAI. This is measured in degrees of light projected. For example, the 54” light bar has a 46º spot beam.

Continuous Arc Distance™ (CAD) is the distance using SAE methodology to measure .25 lux as max beam distance. The difference? “Arc Distance” is measured over the entire width of the CAI, not just the center of the beam.